Pret Helmet Technology

Pret helmets are engineered and designed to disappear. Every detail, every piece of technology, every curve, and every material is poured over by our design team so you don’t ever have to think about it on the hill. Every Pret helmet provides the ultimate combination of performance, durability and safety. This technology actually lends itself to our lightweight design, so you can forget you’re wearing a helmet but still feel protected on every run. Plus, with MIPS® to better handle certain impacts we can keep pushing the envelope for snow sports safety and performance.That’s transparent design.

You're in Control

Tuned Ventilation

Mountains are different from labs


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Dial in Your Fit


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Protection Where it Matters Most


Flexibility At Its Finest

Goggle to Helmet Fit

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It's All Magnets These Days

Fidlock Magnetic Buckles

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Cover 'em or don't. It's up to you.

Covert Ear Cover System

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Antimicrobial Liners